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For the first printed edition of the movie magazine Humbug, I created the cover art and overall style of the first pages.

The theme of this issue was 'Macho in cinema'. Because the word macho is a spanish word, I found my inspiration for the color palette from Latin-American art work. 

This is the start of a new magazine so the cover needed to stand out. Therefor I chose to have a big yellow background.


Multiple illustrations for an article about the Hollywood star Burt Lancaster

The article gives an overview of the different types of macho in Burt's career: Macho's macho, Method actor and the Tragic Macho

Before being a famous actor, Burt Lancaster was a great acrobat. Therefor the illustrations are inspired by old circus posters.



Full page illustration for the redactional piece of the first edition of the movie magazine Humbug

The article raises the question if there's still a future for macho's in cinema. 



Visual for European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant reserach project SPACE TWIN.

For this project the client contacted me because of my scientific background. It was a big plus to get the scientific project translated into a visual that is accessible for a broad audience.

The customer had some specific styles in mind: such as old sci-fi movie posters. After a short introduction about the project (LIDAR scanning, 3D point cloud of trees and satellite images of forests) I had the idea of the point cloud as stars rather quick. Choosing a color palette was the next challenge but the old sci-fi poster helped me with that. 

After approval of a rough sketch of the overall concept and color pallete by the customer, I finished the whole visual in Affinity Designer. I decided to make the image in vector because the customer had ideas about printing it on large sizes in the future. 


Portraits of 8 movie director abouts puberty as theme in their movies.

For the styling of this article I wanted to give the reader the feeling he/she is reading a high school yearbook. Therefor I gave each portrait the same blue background and the overall layout have a little tilt: the reader is not reading Humbug but a yearbook.

The pink marker drawings on the portraits are doodles  and refer to movies of the corresponding director.



For decades, Canadian cities have been standing in for American ones in films and TV series. Not only Amercan cities: Vancouver has also been Pyongyang and Mumbai. 

The yellow and blue colors represents American movies sets, the reds are typical Canadian sceneries: fake cities are created in between Canadian wild life and mountains.



Movie directors remaking their own movies.

The illustration was inspired by anaglyphs. An  anaglyph is a result of an overlapping red and a cyan image, normally used to create a 3D stereoscopic effect. In this case it's used to show similar movies scenes, one from the original film and one from the remake. In the center of the image the movie director is looking at the same scene but with different glasses: one during the filming of the original movie and one during the remake.



Together with the (local) residents, 'Klimplant' has designed a public accessible garden with all kinds of (edible) plants.
Not a classic vegetable garden, but a picking garden for young and old, where everyone can come and enjoy a piece of nature in this densely built-up district. Klimplant asked me to design a signboard at the entrace of the garden.

It was a real delight to work on this project: sustainability, climate and social cohesion.

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