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Showreel dec 2022

Showreel dec 2022

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About Studio Knets

Kenneth Cools (°1985), also known as Studio Knets, is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist and motion designer. He makes editorial illustrations for Humbug magazine and participated in Studio Vitalski's graphic novel 'het Vrouweneiland'. After his degree in bio-engineer, he also studied illustrative design at Sint Lucas Antwerp and the Academy of Berchem.

With his working experience as a UX-designer, software analyst and product manager, he can easily explore the customer needs in order to find the perfect visual for your story, website, print, brainstorm workshop...

His favorite technique is digital painting (iPad Pro & Procreate, Affinity Designer, After Effects) but he isn't afraid to get his hand dirty with paint, pencil or charcoal.

Wondering if studio Knets can help you with your project - editorial, business or otherwise? Just send a message!


Instagram @studioknets

Twitter @StudioKnets

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